Grubbs 07/09/2013

SPL Reducer : Grubbs's user review

«  Does what you want it to! Transparent! »

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Value For Money : Poor
Handwired passive attenuator.
Selectable impedance (4, 8 or 16 ohms).
Attenuation 0dB to infinity.
Dual input / output.

The fact that the attenuator is passive is very useful I find is always a power supply less to lug around, we just add the listbox between the head and cabinet.

The selectable impedance is also handy if you do not always play the same cabinet.

It is compact ... I let him put on my head.


I use a 2203 JCM800 1982 head (100 watt tube).
This is a very powerful amp (trop!), made at a time when the amps were not included in the concert ...
I would say the lights powers begin to saturate nicely when the master is at 6/10.
In this volume, I'm already too much in rehearsal and concert (louder is Woodstock!) So I needed an attenuator to properly use my amp.

The use of the Reducer is simple:
- It selects the impedance.
- We choose mitigation 0, 3dB, 5dB or variable (-7dB to infinity).

It is normal for the heater box (much depending on your settings) ...

Nothing more.


No surprise, this is a attenuator ... attenuates!
I can play at a reasonable volume by heating my power tubes so it suits me!

But beware: It will not turn your 100 watt tube amp in a small room.
It's OK for me because I am fortunate to live in a house with a detached garage and no annoying roommates!
If I was to play in an apartment, it died with this amp, and whatever the attenuator in my opinion ...

With extreme settings, the lower volume is there but we feel a big loss of momentum and a very faithful to his original amp. That said I think this is a problem qu'auront all faders of all ranges, it is not magic either!

I would say that the sound is transparent until the mid knob "variable" that enough for normal use.


I was surprised that the Reducer is rather whether the entry level price range (some are more than double).
SPL is a brand that I know (studio gear), so I tend to trust the left so I bought it online without trying ...
And in the end I'm not disappointed, I can really use my head.

The impedance selector is a real plus if you do not play all the time on the same cabinet.
No need power supply as it is practical!

The sound is not altered if we stay on reasonable settings!
I think there are more transparent attenuators in extreme settings but this account there so take less powerful amp it seems ...

I use it for 9 months now, I would do this choice with experience.
I do not have another point of comparison, but I think the quality / price is right.
In general, the attenuator are still expensive (300 € to play softer ...)

The +:
- Liabilities
- Small footprint
- Transparent
- Selectable Impedance

The -:
- Expensive for what it is but there is hardly cheaper ...