Cnx Apocalyps 07/26/2011

SPL Reducer : Cnx Apocalyps's user review

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An impedance selector
A reduction selector
One volume for the mode "variable"

1 amp input
A speaker output


- No DI output, which is the only problem in the configuration
the case.

- No function "loadbox" must connect a speaker must


was inserted between your head lamp and baffle,
Reducer this allows your amp to express themselves, while having the control
the volume reaching the baffle.

useful for head or amp with no master, or to enjoy the saturation of the power stage.

the cash machine 200w so almost every guitar and bass amp can
be put at the bottom ....


the reduction is very effective, progressive (except in the last quarter in "variable")
the signal is respected, not breathing or noise added.

I have not compared with other market reducer
but for the quality ... we just hard to beat.


a very useful and very well built.
the quality of the knobs, the case ... everything is really good.

absence of DI output
add requires a cable on the signal path ...