geolegx59 02/11/2012

SPL Reducer : geolegx59's user review

«  This is perfect for playing through the (s) of the HP amp. »

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The attenuators are still expensive and still very expensive. It becomes inaccessible if we should have one by one by impedance + power or by power / impedance .....
The SPL agrees Reducer 4, 8 and 16 ohms, and swallows up to 200 W!
Suffice to say that you can connect to all of the amps "normal people" who form the vast majority of guitarists of our planet.
Attenuated the sound is not distorted, and I'm really pleased to finally use my tube amps at home by exploiting the sound quality of these.
I play on the Egnater Rebel 30 or Bugera 333 XL.
In terms of manufacturing quality, I'd think - if it were a car - Audi or Mercedes ........
Some criticize him without a DI output.