BassWalker 02/20/2012

SPL Reducer : BassWalker's user review

«  Beautiful and great product as usual with SPL »

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It reduces only.
No ID, loadbox or other functions that can be found on other models.
4/8/16 ohm impedance selector. This is a permanent purchase.
A drive take the baton from -5 dB and allows attenuation-7dB to infinity (in total so mute). Rather very expressive in its first half-stroke, it is more effective in his last turn.
So perfect ... both on stage to reduce a little or a lot at home so as not to alert everyone and enjoy the summer as winter lamps!
Output and one for a cab.
This is the "light" version of the range of attenuators / loadbox / simulators brand.
If this is enough, then the features offered are good and sufficient.


Simpler you die. Watch out ... still in SPL we want to live long!


I did not buy because I already have a NOS dB Killer MK2.
I just had the chance to try it.
In terms of rendering, they are quite comparable.
I can not say one is better than the other ...
It is neutral and clear, transparent.


It is in use we may note a small advantage for the Reducer face dB Killer:
it is universal and can therefore adapt to three impedances.
The small drive allows finer adjustment when it is desired to reduce the max.
The finish is excellent as usual with SPL and look very Sympatoche.