Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo Live

Torpedo Live, Guitar Power Attenuator from Two Notes Audio Engineering in the Torpedo series.

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Bloodysatch 09/08/2012

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo Live : Bloodysatch's user review

«  To buy eyes closed! »

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same as above

Overall configuration is very simple, plug the head and Torpedo live branch torpedo output on the sound card or mixer.
Then grip the device itself is quite simple, we check the input level between -6 and -12 db, it then manages the output level and it remains to choose the microphone and positioning the baffle and then pay the EQ if needed.
Via screen torpedo can edit all without too much trouble it is not a gas plant, but it is easier to setup nettemment this little baby through the Torpedo Remote software free with which the connection is made with the supplied USB cable.
Interestingly also, we can control the Torpedo Live with pedalier noon, it is sufficient to save his presets and assign a program change.

Personally, I plugged my MIDI thru G Major is flying through my midi pedal ENGL Z15.

For sound quality, well, it's still stunning, I could test it in a sound of a rehearsal room and Marshall 1960A cabinet is very realistic!
I then plug my head into a Marshall 1960A cabinet and true bah I do not really see any difference ^ ^ '.

I use this small torpedo with my head and my ENGL Invader 100 G Major II, and I plug in my head a ESP Horizon III and Ibanez RG1527Z.

For the parameters of the presets, I do not really have a preference for speakers, I use speaker simulation is different depending on the settings on my amp and my G Major II.
In large distortion I tend to use the speaker Marshall Marshall 1960A or signing slash for my lead channel I use a baffle and ENGL for clear sound I use a vintage roland a vox or a mesa boogie.
I tested the others who were very nice but not suitable for the sound I wanted to give my group.

In any case, the sound quality is the appointment, by this my sound creation possibilities have multiplied!
If you have a rack config, all controlled by noon you can enjoy the live torpedo all live in home studio.

I use it for 4 months, I have not tried equivalent before and I have no complaints about this product.

I was looking at the base of the gear for me in home-studio recording and I had echoes of musician friends on quality of live torpedo.
I did not even test the machine before I bought it when I had the money and then I realized that Two Notes had released an excellent product for a price not too high (900 €) not very bulky (1 rack unit) and used in home studio and for live.
So for sure I would do that with experience this choice, apparently are not too equivalents or equivalents are a notch below.

One thing to say the skeptics, go for it!