VHM Loadbox
VHM Loadbox
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Qill 10/30/2012

VHM Loadbox : Qill's user review


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Power attenuator 8-16 ohms by VHM
1 input 1 output
1 switch for bypass
1 button for the attenuation level
Steel housing and solid gross appearance
50W maximum power

HP has put between the amp and the head via an HP cable (not supplied) careful not to put a guitar jack ...
I use a Fender 65 Deluxe (18W) on this power if all goes well I had also used a Fender Blues Deluxe (40W) then there is death have pushed mitigation I was almost to the end ... the volume to 1 on the amp, 40W is reached the limits of the machine so I ask to see 50W but I doubt the effectiveness of this product with power

The case does a good job is a slight compression but nothing alarming is therefore transparent RAS

I can push a little more and suddenly my amp to do a little more crunch and bring out the lamps without the cops ass, for me it is a must buy, must also be open after the volume if the HP rendering is feeble but overall it is a very useful device in an apartment but limited to 30W max in my opinion, the more you push the more volume must be mitigated, should come to find the right balance between the power of the amp and speaker output ... and of course the more you push the amp more lamps wear ... I will replace the Koch (€ 227) with midi output for recording if there is also the SPL Reducer (319 €) but these products are very expensive and without comparison with the VHM 150 €