Yerasov Muffler 30
Yerasov Muffler 30

Muffler 30, Guitar Power Attenuator from Yerasov.

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Disto14 06/07/2010

Yerasov Muffler 30 : Disto14's user review

«  Do not look but well done job! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
It is a power attenuator amp any lamp that reduces the power of an all-tube amp without altering its sound.
It runs on 30 watts max amps and must be loaded into output by a speaker at 8 ohms.

Here is a brief description of how to use it.
One connects the output of the power amp (or head) to the input input "100%". Then, plug the speaker to one of four outputs corresponding to four possible levels of attenuation:
- 30%: is the first level of attenuation = spend only 30% of incoming sound. The sound remains strong enough after the output!
- 10%: 2nd level of mitigation spend only 10% of incoming sound. Perfect for playing at home without making too much noise while making the sound a bit cruncher
- 3% and 1%: 3rd and 4th levels of attenuation that I recommend to play in near silence, for example through headphones or by plugging a speaker simulator.

Moreover, this device more interesting function. It has a headphone output to play in silence (if you use the 1% attenuation level). Perfect for night play.

I just regret it can not be used for a little more powerful amp (at least 50 W)

Simple setup (see above description)
It is a device "passive" (which works without power supply).

It does not color or alter the sound to what we are asking an attenuator.
No breath either.

In addition, the sound at the headphone output is correct (as long as it remains clear).

It is a device an excellent value for money.
It simply fills the role of mitigation. I would do if the election were to be remade.
Finally, I sold because I had more utility (buy a small amp w 5 to play at home) but I would advise anyone who has a 30 Watt amp they want to use in them.