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Celestion Century 90
Celestion Century 90
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todjnoize todjnoize

«  Very good burne »

Publié le 11/08/13 à 20:05
Used one year.
Not tested poorly with most other Celestion for Marshall.
A bowl that tape in the midrange and bass. (Must see the électradyn from home mesa.)
Perfect for stoner, grunge, blues, santana.
Fitted with base in a lot of mesa boogie, and their Thiele cabinets, I understand better. I went from a EVM12L, more definition in the bass and treble, but less punch. If you search a V30 with a more airy sound darker, less ACDC is interresting, or paired with a V30 just baffle gives a good momentum and body.
Remains a very good speaker who always find a place in a config.