Electro-Harmonix Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings Set
Electro-Harmonix Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings Set

Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings Set, Guitar String from Electro-Harmonix.

S6v6n7 07/26/2008

Electro-Harmonix Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings Set : S6v6n7's user review


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I had this free set of strings with an order passed on ebay in the United States. I must say that these are the best strings I've ever had. I had Ernie Ball, Dean Markley, D'Addario, and Elixir. None of these brands comes close to the strings at the durability (I kept the game !!!!! 3 months longer than the elixir and yet I play quite violently), no problems "squick" exaggerated, affected less harsh than the D'Addario and Ernie Ball.
The sound is less aggressive than the Ernie Ball (only advantage of that mark for the rockers / metalheads but it does not last more than a week), these strings have a personality, it is unlike any other.
They have an amazing resistance to corrosion for strings unsheathed.
I do not understand why we do not find in France ... maybe I searched wrong ...
The price in the us is miserable about 3 euros .. the game value for money is unbeatable ...


- Durability (I mounted upside down on an easel tone pro ... it helps ...)
- Its
- Personality
- Pleasant to the touch
- No "squick" exaggerated
- Ridiculous price (United States), Tthe it a bit more expensive on thomann 5.50 euros if I remember correctly.


- Not least, the ideal string! except perhaps that they are hard to find in France see found.

As soon as I find I bought or I'm going to order the United States.