Ernie Ball EarthWood 80/20 Bronze Acoustic
Ernie Ball EarthWood 80/20 Bronze Acoustic

EarthWood 80/20 Bronze Acoustic, Guitar String from Ernie Ball.

Linn Sondek 05/13/2013

Ernie Ball EarthWood 80/20 Bronze Acoustic : Linn Sondek's user review

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Like many guitarists, I tested a large number of sets of strings for acoustic guitar. Today, my Ovations and two types of strings outweigh in my choice: Adamas and the Ernie Ball EathWood. These have pleasantly surprised me because they offer the perfect balance Adamas only brought me up to then, with a clean, very endearing character. These Ernie Ball provides high-mids and highs particularly attractive because both full and defined, with great presence and matter. Here are really some of the frequencies in which they excel with a high caliber musicianship. In severe, shine their own must be considered depending on the overall sound balance sought. I prefer them to this level Adamas but without them say they are definitely superior: it ultimately depends on what is desired.
What is certain, on the other hand is that the Earth Wood outperform (at least on Ovation) all Martin (I had to test the full range), or the D'Addario Dean Markley and other Pyramid. Their price "recommended" 9 € 90 is not stolen, but are most often found around € 6 online.
I regularly do it again this choice and still have a couple of games ahead in stock next to my essential Adamas.
Note: these strings stabilize quickly and sustainable agreement is reached almost instantly.
Overall a great game!