Ernie Ball Electric Nickel Wound w/ Wound G
Ernie Ball Electric Nickel Wound w/ Wound G

Electric Nickel Wound w/ Wound G, Guitar String from Ernie Ball.

jonjonfou 02/15/2009

Ernie Ball Electric Nickel Wound w/ Wound G : jonjonfou's user review


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- For how long have you been using it?

Recently ... 4 months is going to say.

- What is the specific feature you like best, the least?

The pros: The sustain, the width of the strings, the feeling of slamming every note, that any rson intensity with the sound of a chord that shines bright or saturated strings, Reveals the sensitivity more than all other strings. Finger, it is even more glaring. DEFINITIONS best sound I had with ropes.
I play Les Paul Standard (vitage edition) and these strings have t made for the gear!
the -: A tame. I have small hands, a little stocky, and I confess that m'tre limit violations of the famous strange muscle between thumb and forefinger. Once used endurance is developed, but it remains a draft horse, great for large purists note slap harmonics perfect, and a more generous and so on.

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

Yes, of course. I played on Ernie Ball 10-46, then 10-52 before

- How do you report qualitprix?

These strings cost a lot more than others ... CHRISTIAN but the deuce! What sound!