Rotosound Roto Electric
Rotosound Roto Electric

Roto Electric, Guitar String from Rotosound.

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MountAnDewMe 07/28/2012

Rotosound Roto Electric : MountAnDewMe's user review

« A quality nickel wound string »

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I have used numerous string brands over the years. I believe most instruments have string types that suit them best. The composition of the string along with the winding process do make a difference and one string that sounds great on one instrument might not do as well on a differently configured one. The thing I found most attractive about the Rotosound Yellows (10-46) was the consistency in production. Pack to pack the strings always seemed to perform as they are expected to. The sound is consistent and there are no variations in build which meant as long as I purchased them the intonation would stay consistent and need no adjusting.

These strings are priced fairly for a well constructed string using quality materials. There is nothing new or special about their design but they remain tried and true over the years. They do offer a two pack that will save you a little money, but the coolest thing about this company is that they understand guitarists and always package an extra high string along for the ride, great for us who bend and break a lot of those. If you fall into that category then these will provide an outstanding value.

I would categorize the sound quality of these strings with most nickel wound strings. They have a slightly warmer characteristic without sacrificing too much high end brightness. I primarily used them on a dual hum bucking Fender Stratocaster equipped with a Pearly Gates at the bridge and a '59 in the neck position. This was an odd American special issue guitar in the late '90s and tended to have a Les Paul type tone complimenting its Stratocaster build. After trying many material types then brands the Rotosound Yellows offered the best sound and reliability.

The only downside to these strings is that, like other nickel wound strings, they do tend to corrode faster and if not wiped off after use will come out of the case in poor condition. That being said these strings also start to sound bad when they are dirty and the brightness they did possess goes down hill fast. A good amount of string life expectancy is related to the type of materials used and in our ability to care for the product as well. All things being equal I do continue to use these strings but am always on the look out for a new and better product.