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moosers 01/21/2010

Korg DTR-1 : moosers's user review


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The Korg DTR-1 is a rack mountable tuner, designed for both use in the studio and on the stage.<span> </span>I’ve only used the unit inside of the recording studio, but for both applications it is the same type of use.<span> </span>The tuner has a few ¼ inch connections in the front for your instrument, as well as headphones.<span> </span>I’m not sure what types of connections it has in the back, as the one that I used was already racked and ready to go.<span> </span>As stated before, this is rackable and will take up only a single rack space. Using Korg DTR-1 is quite easy, as the unit overall is very user friendly.<span> </span>There isn’t really all too much to know beyond how to set the different modes and how to get it all set up.<span> </span>The monitoring screen is extremely large, so you can really zero in on the perfect pitch.<span> </span>You can also see exactly how far off cents wise you are.<span> </span>I don’t believe that a manual is necessary since it is so easy to use on its own.<span> </span>The DTR-1 is definitely one of the most in depth tuner that I have seen, as it goes beyond just being a single instrument tuner.<span> </span>It can be used with an electric stringed instrument that can be plugged into it as well.<span> </span>It won’t color your sound at all either when you plug through it.<span> </span>The price of the Korg DTR-1 is very reasonable for an in depth tuner that is rackable, but is more expensive than your average tuner for sure.<span> </span>I’d say that it is definitely worth it if you’re looking for a top notch tuner though.<span> </span>This is perfect for getting a quick and easy tune both on the stage and for being a main stay in the recording studio.