Korg Pitchblack+
Korg Pitchblack+
Tina Arkos 04/05/2012

Korg Pitchblack+ : Tina Arkos's user review

«  The ideal »

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I just have it. Personally, I like being given the most accurate. Then input game polyphonic tuners, I quickly forgot Because you're forced to take stock single string for precise tuning. In "short list" there remained only the sonic research ST200 (at 0.02 percent) and korg pitchblack + + or not (0.1 percent).
The ST200 you're obliged to buy in the States and exchange $ / Euro fact, you're in for more than 120 euros. So pitchback to 89 euros more, more because it offers the advantage to connect two guitars and this is my case.
Frankly I said to myself "you'll regret the most accurate Sonic," Bah! Not at all! More accurate than the Korg it's not even bother, they do not follow your mechanical more! The switch is completely silent and when you change your guitar on stage you t'mets in tuner (more sound), you slipped the second guitar, the way you and granted you send the wood! All without a hum and that's good because of the 10K in facade :).
The factory settings suit me very well with the normal display Strombo + (set F1) and the lighting is great!
Short! I bought a tuner! And for me, this one is ideal!