Matrix­ Sr-1000
Matrix­ Sr-1000
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picvert 03/12/2009

Matrix­ Sr-1000 : picvert's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Used since 1993 as well, as in the other opinion.

The best: it has a real needle, not a false one on LCD. It works well, and it was the cheapest in the store when I bought it. Despite the plastic, this tuner is strong. Fallen many times in 15 years, it is not broken or damaged. What more?

The least: Maybe the microphone to give it an acoustic guitar is a bit feeble. It should really get close to react.
And the accuracy of the needle, it will, but there are more accurate. The scale ranges from 50% to over 50% from 10 to 10%. The goal is obviously 0. Other tuners have a scale accurate to 1%.

Sure, it's not a flashy tuner with LED flashing across to match live (or in the dark of his room), but when you do not play on stage, c is quite sufficient.

Contrary to the preceding, I can not find the needle stops. The device is responsive. And just know which way to turn the mechanism to approach the right note: above or below. Over time, we do work her ears too, right? It is still not complicated. From there to accuse the needle hang because when you are in the cabbage, it is stopped ...
When the fact that the device must be laid flat to read correctly the extent it goes without saying. While I often spell quickly by placing it on my lap. There are no worries on that side either.

This is my only tuner. Since its purchase, I also used the Boss, Korg and Seiko.

Very good value for money. Single tuner needle about 20 €. Otherwise it's more 90 or € 100. No gadget price so no surprises.

A choice had to be redone if I crash. What he has failed to do for 15 years.