Peterson VS-II Virtual Strobe
Peterson VS-II Virtual Strobe

VS-II Virtual Strobe, Tuner/Pitch Pipe/Tuning Fork from Peterson.

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nickname009 09/03/2011

Peterson VS-II Virtual Strobe : nickname009's user review


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The VS-II was my first peterson tuner that I've ever acquired. After seeing it countless times on luthier and repairmen's benches I just had to ask them, "what is that thing there?" They told me it was a peterson tuner. I said why is it to huge? They said cause it's packed with a lot of stuff and is the most accurate tuner out there today.

I did some more research and looked everything up and talked to many other guitarists and techs. They were right. At the time I didn't think enough about getting a practical tuner and just wanted what I saw everybody using behind the curtain and this was it. I got myself one and realized how much more in tune I was overall with intonation and tuning live.

Of course, the critical part of thes VS-II is that it's not practical. Not at all actually. It's a huge brick, you can't use this live on your board, only for the workbench. Peterson has been slow to develop something so accurate and practical at the same time. For the price, it's not worth it. The accuracy is great but the product itself is not practical enough. You'd use it to tune off stage, but what would you use to tune while on stage?