Snark SN2
MountAnDewMe 07/29/2012

Snark SN2 : MountAnDewMe's user review

« No musician should be without one. »

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Every musician no matter what you play needs to be sure they are in tune. There are many choices available to us on the market but none come close to the usefulness of this little gadget. The Snark chromatic all instrument tuner should have a home in everyone’s gig bag. This little wonder can tune in two ways. The more traditional method of sound detection though a built in microphone or by sensing the vibrations of the instrument it is clipped on to. The unit is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and the readout is bright and colorful making the chore of tuning a breeze. The clip has padded protector on it so it will not mark your instrument and it features 2 ball joints so the readout can be positioned to accommodate almost any situation.

The Snark really shines in its vibration mode. It has a 1 cent level of accuracy like most tuners in its range and can be calibrated from 415-456 Hz. I find that the Snark in vibration mode tracks the notes quickly and accurately. The red (flat), blue (in tune), green (sharp) display is bright and easy to read as is the white note indicator. There is also a transpose feature for situation like using a capo. I find that the Snark offers a fast, reliable, and accurate tuning experience. It has proven easier to use than tuners I have owned costing much more money. I use this to intonate my instruments as well and it has streamlined the process immensely. For the price I do not believe there is a better tuner around.

The Snark also offers a silent metronome feature. As much as I like the tuner feature I find the metronome more of a novelty then a practice tool. The metronome does feature a tap tempo as well as a user defined setting so it does serve a purpose for finding out what tempo you are playing in or to get the feel for the tempo you want to be in however I find it difficult to use it as a traditional practice tool. I refuse to remove points for the metronome as I feel it to be more of a bonus than a functional reason for my purchase.

I have used the snark to tune guitars, basses, violins, and my sax. I have even used it to help my children with their vocal practice when a keyboard was unavailable to help them with pitch. I have owned or used over a dozen different tuners over the years. Other than the strobe tuner I used years ago in college symphony band no other has been as accurate or easier to use. I always get a confident response from any instrument I have used it on and the tuning process has never been less of a chore. If anything happened to the Snark I would replace it in a heartbeat. I am also purchasing two more this year for my daughters to pack in their violin cases for school.