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lerevecbeau 09/21/2014

Xvive PT-03 Chromatic Tuner : lerevecbeau's user review

«  My ear is more accurate ... »

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It's been 15 days that I bought. I used a classic tuner where he had to unplug the guitar to plug into the tuner or, when there is no noise around, I grant to the ear.
If I decided to buy the tuner is because I wanted a foot which is more convenient (no need to unplug the jack to plug into the tuner).

Benefits from:
- Chromatic Tuner
- Works at the foot
- The bypass function
- Ability to accord such 442Hz instead of 440Hz
- Ability to connect it to a 9V transformer

His least:
- Unclear ... Anyway, my old tuner is better and also my ear
- Battery 3.7V rechargeable and non-replaceable lithium. So expect another tuner or a 9V transformer in case of battery failure.

For the price, I think it not worth it. A remake? No.