Ibanez Edge Zero Tremolo
Ibanez Edge Zero Tremolo

Edge Zero Tremolo, Guitar Vibrato from Ibanez.

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Jerdl 09/23/2011

Ibanez Edge Zero Tremolo : Jerdl's user review

«  Very good Floyd »

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Value For Money : Correct
This will do two years that I use, almost daily.

The only vibrato I try before, it was a vintage on the Pacifica, so I have no other reference on the floating vibrato.
I think Floyd is based on the stock that is placed on the RG2620, Ibanez so specific.
This is a knife mounted on vibrato ("Edge") very accurate, but very fragile when necessarily have to intervene on the position of vibrato himself from the table ... do not forget to remove the strings to do it!

The vibrato is like Floyd Rose, why it is improved by the engineers Ibanez:

Low-profile: the vibrato is constructed in such a way that the right hand does not interfere with the mechanics, and that's rather a good point, a priori the original Floyd have set screws and it is beyond not the best of the best ...
-Fairly easy to adjust, it has indeed a "knob" that can reach more or less the spring at the back of the guitar.
He dipose System Zero resistance was present on the ZR: a system against spring plate is in the getting high, and opposes resistance to the action of the vibrato. Result: The Vibrato is a tendency to return to its point of origin, namely the horizontal, but it must necessarily forced over the bar, and it's still less accurate ...

For heavy vibrato nags you can leave it, personally I remove the system (note that is 5 seconds watch in hand to remove the system) for greater accuracy.

For people who have nothing to freeze the rotating bar (as was the case for me), you can solve the problem by putting two or three rounds of Teflon tape, or tape Plumbing (as thin as possible) on the bar at the join between the Vibrato and the bar (where is the ring).

Finally, I found that vibrato is extremely good job, no worries of disagreement even by the above Satriani, very nice finish, well worth the price (in $ 280)

Almost two years of use, no problem désaccordagee particular.