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-Livingroom- 01/08/2014

Dunlop 535 Cry Baby : -Livingroom-'s user review

«  classic! »

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Analog wah rack, not editable (unless you play on the stroke of the rack), pedal format, short, classic! Energizable in standard 9v. Jack in, jack out, and roll youth!


Difficult to do more simple pressure switches and the effect on the pressure and pops. Passive effect, so no worry of volume!


Very realistic, the only fault I find with this pedal is its sometimes shrill treble, but the advantage of the rack is a little tinkering on the stroke of the rack on this concern réègle. And for those who complain about the length of the stroke of a wah I want to say ... Be purpose, and practice! However it is not effective on the ultra low, the stamp is sour for my taste. But hey, the wah on bass it is useless to me :)


I am very sorry, I sold it to a moron who can not keep its financial commitments (understand that I sold it without ever touching on sale), so whenever I think I ' have a twinge of heart! I like its simplicity and effectiveness eventually. Those who say it is too vintage are wrong, you can have the big sound with no worries. I can understand that after not like ergonomics etc ... But I finally I like it!

In secondhand is a very good thing in price, new reputation inflated prices I think. Moreover it is a bit fragile so you have to take care regularly.