Ernie Ball 6185 Wah Pedal
Ernie Ball 6185 Wah Pedal
Skjold 08/13/2012

Ernie Ball 6185 Wah Pedal : Skjold's user review

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A Wah pedal is a wah pedal, and then again not. They each have their own quirks and this one is cut out of a solid block of aluminum, making it almost unbreakable, even under enormous stress on or off stage.
As with all other wah pedals, you get a seriously simple circuit, with an input and an output jack. Like with the Crybaby GCB95, that really laid the foundation for the wah pedals, the simplicity is to be admired.


Should you feel the need to point out who invented the plug and play principal, then it has to be Dunlop. Ernie Ball chose to go by this principal as well - good for them!
You plug in you cords, give it some power and bam - you'r up and running.
However! Getting the right sound out of this kind of effect does take some time and practice. Granted, some require longer then others.


A wah pedal often tend to be either muddy in heel position or to bright in full out toe position. This is not the case with the Ernie Ball edition. Somehow, they manage to keep a clear sound all the way through the wah pedal's sweep range. It may be due to the Soft 12º traveling with the kevlar drive. But I'm not sure.
I've often experienced, that the wah has a certain point, where it "falls over", i.e it goes from being just pass the muddy part to being almost extremely bright (to bright). It's like the whole mid range part of the sweep, where the guitar really comes to its right, is gone.
That's not the case with this wah though.

I've found, that when running this wah in my setup, I really like to throw in a fast compressor right after, to take out the transient peaks from the wah.


In the world of wah pedals, it's either hit or miss. This time, it's a hit! For the price, that's maybe on the rather pricy end, you get a really great wah pedal, that's transparent enough, to leave you a clean wah signal (that might sound a bit wrong, but hear it, and it's right!) to make it sound good throughout the whole sweep range.
The reliability is really great, because of the aluminum chassis, so if you find that this is the pedal for you, you won't need to buy a replacement any time soon. The only thing that's in danger of breaking, is the string pulling the pot underneath.