Shin-ei Companion WT-1 Wah-Wah
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borachnikov 12/08/2006

Shin-ei Companion WT-1 Wah-Wah : borachnikov's user review


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Analog wah 70s, Japanese-made. She no longer produced.
It works with a 9v battery, without outlet. The indoor circuit is simple, there's not much to see.
The pdalier is covered with a single hull rubber tends to crack over time. On mine I have you, because it does properly.
All metal is less than the pais Jim Dunlop, but tough. The same once she is lighter. In short, it's simple and effective.


It's a wah-wah can not be more conventional. There is no individual connections.


Inrush when the sound is much less garish than a Jim Dunlop, and consquent less powerful.
But playing with the pedals is a real pleasure, it is the "wah" velvet, round, soft, agables ear. The sound is vintage trs, and is closer to Vox, and Jim Dunlop era. I'm a fan of the old school, and I branch with config 'classic trs (Start + Marshall lamps.)
A torque phase, the rhythmic funk make specially good, and found the grain and biting of the era.
I strongly deprecated, or hard fans of punk, they will not find their account, because I RPET, smoothness and softness are the dpend power.
I put 9 for sound, but only my opinion, is a matter of taste.


70 bought on ebay the last t, I'm the only enchri have it, and I think I got a good deal. Prices are trs variables because it no longer produced.
I had a dunlop GCB95, and I must say that I do not use more ... I test before the MODEL Hendrix, who was closer to the type of sound I want, but there was an indescribable something artificial.
If I had to buy another wha, because it would be a TON more powerful, ideal for solos and other pests wild rhythm, which does not mean that I dbarasserais the Shin Ei, quite the opposite! Both would complmentaires trs.