Jac 09/22/2013

Sonuus Wahoo : Jac's user review

«  more than a wah »

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Wah, resonant filter, voyelleur, autowah, phaser, and so on. All controlled by the pedal by lfo, the pitch or even a bend. Circuit analog to digital programming, true bypass.
Pedal without rack or knob or switch, no cracking. The race is firm and precise. It is possible to control the bypass in limit up or down pedal (note: no particular resistance, can be activated by accident) or by footswitch placed next to it.
Publisher pc / mac provided. USB and jack connection. PSU not included.
Very rugged and beautiful finish with chrome contruction, a Cadillac!


Configuring a complex hair, but it makes sense given the many possibilities of the beast. Except for paufiner detail, forget the idea of ​​the program directly from the pedal. Prefer the computer editor, very well managed via USB (which also provides electrical power), the very visual interface based curves.
Unless be county champion tap the preset change the foot is a bit complicated in-game The easiest thing to bend down to change a single click with your finger.
The 2 digit display is not a model of clarity. For my part, I only use 5 presets which I memorized the order.
The manual is in Grand Breton, and as little as digestible also handle some other specialties ...


Wah very realistic (dunlop morley etc.), warm and precise, even creamy. Voyelleur bluffing filter worthy of an old analog synth. I love it.
Some sounds are a bit extreme and little use for my taste, but it's all about style.
Sounds perfectly on a 335 with gibson sounds vintage, very well also with a Vigier Passion 3 more timely and incisive sound. Also great on a low (here a fender Jazzbass) at which half of the factory presets are dedicated.


I use it for qques months since my cry baby began to show a well-deserved retirement. After qques test stores, I fell in love with the wahoo, certainly much more expensive than other models, but a favorite it does not have a price, especially as its versatility and robustness seem to justify.