xxmartinxx 08/03/2011

Subdecay Studios Proteus : xxmartinxx's user review

« Robotalk but with a tap tempo. »

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- Depth knob
- Frequency knob
- Step switch
- Tap tempo
- External 9 volt power connection
- No Internal 9 volt battery connection


There are two separate functions of this pedal. The first is the autowah function. You play, it funks up your guitar for you. It's really fun to use. The second is the "random arpeggiater" function, or sample/hold function, or the instant dance hit function... whatever you want to call it. I call it the main reason people buy this pedal. Using the Depth and Frequency knobs are easy enough to do, but once you add the tap tempo with the 1/2/4 step switch, it becomes a pain in the butt.

The problem is trying to, on the fly, set the speed of the effect. And once you find a speed that fits the song, you lose it once you power off the machine.It would be a lot more functional if there was a knob that controlled the speed if you didn't want to use the tap tempo switch.


Both functions sound fantastic. Very fluid and transparent. Works well with all guitars and amps. It can also be used as a vocal effect where you almost get a autotuned effect on held notes. Really kind of cool.


I've owned the original Robotalk, the ZVex Ooh Wah II, and now this. This is probably the nicest sounding of the three. It's also the most difficult to use for my purposes. I'll need to play with the tap tempo to see if I become better at using that function. I'm also considering the other options on the market (Subdecay Prometheus, Subdecay Quasar DLX, etc). I haven't completely given up on this one yet.

Just a word of caution. This pedal will not run on a battery. You will need to use a filtered 9 volt power source to use it.

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