Alves De Puga SL14

SL14, Gypsy guitar from Alves De Puga.

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Mana59000 07/23/2014

Alves De Puga SL14 : Mana59000's user review


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Guitar handmade by JL Alves de Puga to Puyoo in France.

My model is a SL 14, SL Selmer (same plane, I think) and 14 to 14 boxes at the junction box inning.

The table is made of spruce, indian rosewood body, the neck is mahogany and the fingerboard is rosewood, the guitar is very light.

The bridge is rosewood, besides this bridge is amazing, I will come back later!

It has in truss rod, mechanical and Grover tailpiece Busato.

The work is very neat violin, the guitar is really pretty.

I put a 8, because there are woods most prestigious recall in passing that it is not the most expensive model, so ....


The handle is very nice, I had some preconceptions about it before, gypsy guitar strings = super high = unplayable = virile and well not handle;

The guitar is well thought out, the angle created by the fold that they "fit" into the ropes course, my action is however not super low, but I never felt tired or had trouble perform a particular song, it's all just a matter of work, of course it must be given time to understand the instrument, kind of guitar has nothing to do with such folk.

The cutaway facilitates access to acute until the 17th freight.
Yet zero breakage, Chevallet, tailpiece, strings even! ....


I play everything with, of course the gypsy, but not that I like to touch everything, standard, gaming fingers, it fits well, or rather we entent well!

The bass is rather precise, mids are very typical and out loud, acute is also an impressive volume, the listener into account that often go elsewhere musician, small mouth delivers a highly directional sound.

Oh yes! this bridge .. it is hollow inside very light, really well cut, I've tried others and nothing to do, it's a good bridge all!

I put a 9 because it lacks that something that offers a massive guitar, it has not, its deep, large volume, but hey it's the same price, and more fragile too ..


Great guitar for a reasonable price guitar luthier, noted that JL Alves de Puga is very friendly.

A very endearing guitar, I kept wanting to play .. especially when the strings are new.