Aria MM16E
Aria MM16E

MM16E, Gypsy guitar from Aria.

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patrice.goyaud 11/25/2006

Aria MM16E : patrice.goyaud's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
These are the same as pourl'Aria MM20 dj Describes a user.
This is a gypsy jazz guitar range between (380), MM20 ladiffrence withthe st quil s'agitd'une "big mouth" and is a team of pi zo + prampli so electroacoustic.
Table pica solid color orange, rosewood veneer body, enpalissandre button (I think).
handle 24 cases (against 21 for small mouths).
Bridge and tailpiece frankly kitsch plastic, but good considering the price.
Finishing the indoor trs of the body is average.
Otherwise it looks really good and Submitted to Selmers.


For a big mouth, the action is low trs and the game is vrziment trs ais.
Access in super sharp, has me changing my guitars or folk OOO Parlor with 12 non-cash boxes.
The guitar is pluttlgre, laprise hand trs enjoyable.
Although a low-end, if we attack frankly Lamain right with unmdiator pais, we get the sound particulire to gypsy jazz, which favors the high mdium.s


The sound is quite frankly solo arrangements for the game, it lacks EHJV, and bass.
Against the ropes by original taient nazes and APRS have Mount of Argentina, does sound a transfigured.


I am a gypsy player trs occasional mmais this guitar allows me to apprhender style, and frankly it makes a better lemanouche Martin D28, as excellent as it is!
This is the cheapest guitar I possde, but frankly, I enjoy good with, trs enjoyable to play, very easy.
An excellent quality price