Maxx Digital 1TB Edit Vault
Maxx Digital 1TB Edit Vault

1TB Edit Vault, Hard Drive from Maxx Digital.

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moosers 02/17/2011

Maxx Digital 1TB Edit Vault : moosers's user review


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Maxx Digital's 1TB Edit Vault is a super sturdy external hard drive for uses of all types. A client who is working in one of the studios at the studio complex where I work has been using this drive for his project, and it's definitely up there with the best external hard drives I've ever seen. It's definitely bulky but it's not meant to be the most portable drive in the world as they're going with sturdiness and stability over anything else. The first clue on this is that the drive comes with a heavy duty carrying case and has a hard outer shell to protect the drive. It's got all the ports you'd want with a modern day hard drive, including FireWire 400 and 800, USB 2.0 and eSATA. Its has an IEC power supply port which is nice as you can plug any standard power cord into it. It's got a really quite and effective fan for cooling, so no worries about running the drive all day and night if needed. It comes in a sizes of all kinds in terms of hard drive space, ranging from just 160 GB to 3 TB. While incredibly sturdy, something like this isn't going to be necessary for all projects as it's rather pricey. I'd only recommend it if you can definitely afford it for your project or if you need to have the sturdiest external hard drive available, which is what this is. If it wasn't so expensive I think you'd see it around more often, but even at this price it's going to be worth it for serious video and audio purposes as you'll never have to worry about it. Maxx Digital's 1TB Edit Vault drive is worth looking into for everyone, but won't be necessary for all parties...