Western Digital Velociraptor 1To
Western Digital Velociraptor 1To

Velociraptor 1To, Hard Drive from Western Digital.

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David-Paul 03/05/2014

Western Digital Velociraptor 1To : David-Paul's user review

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I leave this review because we ask all the question of possible options for the recording and playback of our wav (or aiff).

I turned previously (for 10 years) with a RAID0 to ensure the best bandwidth possible. I started with 40 gigabytes, and the last were the F1 spinpoint 320 gigabytes.

As Cubase had moments to freeze cursor change, I took the plunge with the Velociraptor.

The question was whether such a disc (better management of multiple inputs and outputs) was more effective than Raid 0.

In the end, I expected still has a slight decrease in the number of tracks.

I did some tests with the raid spinpoint, recording 10 tracks with 10 tracks (32 bit 44100Hz). I stopped when the disk witness Cubase typed in red. Result, 200 tracks.

The same test with the raptor gives 300.

Beyond outbid the number of tracks, Cubase is more responsive when changing place cursor (wait 10 seconds sir ready is slightly annoying.
This saves safely, RAID0 is a little more dangerous (although I never had any problems)

I have not tested, but I'm not sure that the SSD is an interesting option for "magneto" function. (Reading and writing simultaneously, many records / file deletion affecting the sustainability of a cell)

Regarding the noise I feared a shrill whistle, it is not. As against the scraper disc. Open case, during testing, it is intended. Once the closed case (fractal design define XL R2) noise is very audible.

In conclusion, subject to unpleasant surprises in the future, this is an excellent choice for our multitrack recordings.