Hohner Special 20 Classic
Hohner Special 20 Classic

Special 20 Classic, Harmonica from Hohner.

jod35 07/08/2004

Hohner Special 20 Classic : jod35's user review


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For nearly six months that I play on 20 specials. Before, I joueais on Lee Oskar / Hohner pro harp / navy band ... and my teacher who made me discovering.

A rgal: they look cool (I find they are class j'apprcie particulirement the screws are not Phillips, which will not shatter so ...), I never had a problem on my purchases (except for a strip that touched the edge of the plate, rapidment rpar and I like her a lot.

WHAT I LOVE: THE 2 PLATES OF THE BOX does not spill! So we not destroyed the lips and the comfort is better than any HARMO PLATES WITH MS ....
The ratio quality / price is pretty good (we are still far from the era o HarmoS costing $ 1 a ...).

The suggested retail price is 22-23 (counting the 10% discount any store can do). Otherwise, I think they sell them in the region, 29.
Up Submitted I not get any better (I prfre the golden melody). Although sr, the sound is not the same as the JJM Meisterklasse MS (I deprecated for learning: trs lev price and then it will be difficult to play on other MODELS plastic or wood)