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stompboxjon stompboxjon

« 4 channel headphone amp »

Publié le 11/04/12 à 01:36
The Aphex HeadPod 4 is a 4 channel headphone amplifier that has individual volume controls for each of the headphones and a master volume that can control all of them. The Aphex HeadPod 4 is very small and portable; it has a compact design and an affordable price tag. First thing that surprised me is it is not as heavy as I thought it would be, it seems to be made out of more of a plastic material and is kind of cheap. I am still very cautious with the Aphex HeadPod 4 because I am afraid if it gets put in the wrong bag and some other gear ends up on top of it that it could crack it wide open.

The Aphex HeadPod 4 has analog and digital inputs and with the ability to change the volume on each individual headphone is a huge bonus because everyone may not want their sound as loud as I like mine so this is a way that all members can be happy. The Aphex HeadPod 4 has 4 different stereo amplifiers that will assure you of a great sound to each one of your headphones that is hooked up. With high headroom and low distortion, makes the Aphex HeadPod 4 a must have for any band especially for live bands and bands that practice a lot.
Though the whole unit seems to be a little “cheap” or plastic made. The actual jacks that you headphones go into are made very well. So you will not have to worry about them shorting out or getting loose at any point. They are durable as can be and made of metal. Overall, I am still on the fence with the Aphex HeadPod 4. It does provide great sound to your headphones and with the individual controls makes everyone happy. But with it costing 200 dollars and not being as solid as I like my gear to be could make me want to go with a different headphone amp in the future.
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