linn134 12/17/2007

Art HeadAMP : linn134's user review


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Used in recent weeks in two situations:
Monitoring of computer station with a card with only one line out and no headphone jack, so no volume "hardware" available. Very practical for not grilling egourdes.

Monitoring in rptition / branch registration of a mixer with a single headphone output. Used instead of the second exit "monitors". Each player can adjust its own volume, not all the same MODEL headphone so the same impdances.

Qualitprix report is correct. For those who remember the Franc, the bauble is not far from 450 balls ... rflchir made. At this price not the gadget either: four separate volumes and this is enough. Small dtails qualo a gender and a pan with headphones are not appropriate. So you have four channels of amplification spars, almost one hundred ball pice ... But the quality of restitution trs is good and I hate to think that the scam are the more expensive headsets amplifiers (for the same number of four channels).

I did not want to rack because I often lugs around from one place to another in my little indoor. Not that it ncessaire to walk him dgourdir PDO, no, but the stuff of "rptition" is not at the same place as the PC. So the miniature suits me.

On the other hand I had the stuff of dja at ART, as I had a Behringer and ART among bass players do not have a reputable bad. I tried the Behr Plastic and Samson 19 "rack, but neither does MODELS seems appropriate.

The small even when ART is a respectable weight, the rule of thumb Exceeds 500 grams solidly built, it will not move too much if you pull on your headphone. The knobs inspire confidence and are not a shadow of a crachottement, the power supply does not heat up too much.

Note that this Headamp paralllpipdique well (phew) is the older version, or plutt the old design. The new does not change one iota from the technical questions put by jack headphone outputs DDouble 6.35 and minijack. Can be useful for those with walkman headphones (even if deprecated).

Well, bah it will take to end this review as useless as long: yes, I do it again this choice without asking questions. This trinket is extremely useful.

quality of construction: 9 / 10
audio quality: 9 / 10
report features / dimensions: 9 / 10
price / features: 6 / 10
qualitprix report: 7 / 10

Overall rating: 8 / 10