Advance Acoustic MAA  405

MAA 405, Hi-Fi Amplifier from Advance Acoustic.

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mick3 08/24/2011

Advance Acoustic MAA 405 : mick3's user review

" I was convinced of the potential of the brand"

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My first step into the high-end, advised by a salesman with my pregnant Triangle Luna. Amp very accurate in frequency, which not soften nor leads to artificially low frequencies. Like all models in this production, the volume button was much too sensitive for listening at low volume. So I sent home via my reseller Advance, they have a button mounted next generation: a happiness. Note support for a 50% Advance, without my request! The interest of a French designer who has his workshop in the Paris region (the amps are assembled in China). To be honest, all most Triangle Advance was a little too direct in the mediums (on Triangle Stratos is known to have a strong presence in the midrange and treble). But a change in modulation cable to my amp (a Norstone purchase to replace a Real cable) has softened much of the phenomenon. So I finally sold my Rotel RA05 and returned to service MPP205 + MAA405. I found an awesome sonic accuracy, a niveu detail in the treble very "emotional" (I like the cymbals), rendering the CD-type jazz trio (piano, bass, drums) absolutely giant.

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