Akai AM 2600
Akai AM 2600

AM 2600, Hi-Fi Amplifier from Akai.

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moonlightboy 02/13/2009

Akai AM 2600 : moonlightboy's user review


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I use this amp for 1 year.

not a big audiophile experience, I took him to a shop specializing in hi-fi very upscale.

Before even trying the amp the seller had serious doubts about the quality of this amp, first because of his age and thus the normal aging of the components (he certainly no longer the same today as when his leaving the factory), second on the brand akai ... that makes high-end manufactured in the 70s and was famous for its K7 player, but poorly survived the advent of the CD in the 90 ...
its only good point before plugging his weight was therefore a guarantee of quality.

Once connected, the seller (who plays all day amplifiers has several thousands of euros) finally told me that my amp was not a good throw! whew
he had a good musicality, personality and great force. only downside, it seems a little fish in the treble.

for that little problem of acute (it still took me six months to realize it too ...), luckily there is a possibility to equalize the treble and bass. I now use it only with a small offset frequencies.
I only regret that the EQ is basic (bass and treble).

a technical viewpoint, we can connect two pairs of speakers with two speakers were 80Watt per speaker, the loudness function is very effective, you can find the original manual and technical manual for free on the Internet can with a screwdriver and a multimeter to restore the factory settings of the power and purpose-meters.
it is useful to remove the dust and clean to avoid contact crackling during handling.
after a thorough cleaning, adjustment knobs and treble compensation, it is like new and perfect! pressure to take even 30 years!

with the experience I do not regret this purchase.
it deserves 10/10 but nothing is perfect I put 9 ...