Akai PA-W04
Akai PA-W04

PA-W04, Hi-Fi Amplifier from Akai.

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dylan.joubin 12/20/2012

Akai PA-W04 : dylan.joubin's user review

«  Here is the beast! »

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I put the date at random because it is an amp that has about 30 years and the date and details I do not remember any more ... short yes the beast is still alive with 4x60 watts AC is a nice little amp and headphones and more a delight it has a security clipping that cuts pregnant if he considers too high ... again we say that this amp has a brain because I would put my JVC 80 watt LED clip lights, but do not judge the speaker in danger ... but when I put my beautiful pregnant homemade consists of two speaker guitar amp (15 watts and 20) ben against it by the clip and put in security for 5 seconds while I decrease the volume and resumes here is .. . more beautiful amp that has 30 years, this was the time of the solid ...