ATC SPA2-150
ATC SPA2-150

SPA2-150, Hi-Fi Amplifier from ATC.

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Pucelle_Dabidjan 08/14/2012

ATC SPA2-150 : Pucelle_Dabidjan's user review

«  A rock in his role »

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British power amp into 8 ohms 2x150W display. Building the test of time, five-year warranty manufacturer. Very neutral, very powerful, very fast, very detailed, sitting on a foundation of unwavering stability and ensuring good availability of power for the speakers that follow.

Difference with the SCA2-150. The SPA2-150 has a dual processor instead of the transformer single phase inversion of the SCA. Similarly, the current rose by 6 LEDs for "leg" instead of 4 for SCA. The ELCOS are more numerous and offer a higher amperage.

I have no other advice to give as that described in the comprehensive test of pre-amp.
Link to complete test: