K.o.r.a Design 30
K.o.r.a Design 30

Design 30, Hi-Fi Amplifier from K.o.r.a.

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Mister Donnelly 08/30/2006

K.o.r.a Design 30 : Mister Donnelly's user review


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It was an old childhood dream to get a tube amp audiophile. The time when I wandered the rooms without a sub audiophile in his pocket and with the certainty that I would never afford to buy such items. Finally I was able to realize this dream at age 30 and credit of course. Well the KORA DESIGN 30 did not disappoint. It is up to my expectations. Under his 2X30 W lies in fact a very dynamic and powerful amp. It has all the qualities of a good tube amp: warmth, roundness, smoothness, musicality, and in addition gives no artificial coloring unlike other amps of this type. Voice and instruments retain their place and natural timbre that is very nice! Thus we can consider with him for hours of listening without ear fatigue unlike most transistor amps.

The lamps most commonly associated with it are the famous Electro Harmonix, however I tested also with Svetlana ("Winged C" made in St Petersburg) and that's fine too. The amp is accurate and spatialization is very good. His only fault may be low at times a bit dry (though as usual it depends on which other elements it is associated so be sure this perspective) and some "slowness" of the famous tube amps (it seems it also called "transients"). Anyway I highly recommend this amp gives me many hours of daily listening and admiring.

This amp is no longer manufactured, however, you will have to patience to fall on the opportunity of the moment! In my case it is associated with the speakers Triangle Celius 202 I also recommend.

PS: FYI: The average new price is (was, rather) of 2300 euros and 2000 euros argus about.