Marantz 2225 L stereophonic receiver
Marantz 2225 L stereophonic receiver

2225 L stereophonic receiver, Hi-Fi Amplifier from Marantz.

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nvivo 10/13/2008

Marantz 2225 L stereophonic receiver : nvivo's user review


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It's been a while since I was looking for a Marantz 22xx range is now done, a great first impression with pleasure the arrival of the driver, oua what is it heavy in the 15 kg, first unpacked carton handling a major cleaning.

There's work ... a lot of work ... :-(. A spider has even made its cocoon in the radiator of the amp. He took it apart completely, understood as the front buttons settings spluttering, a good shot of lubricant and the tower was played. No light to change but some dry solder again.

Three hours later and thirty pounds of dust a few less, I am ready for my first test I connect my iPod and sending some music in the Titan in order to unclog the capacitors. The sound is good to very good treble and medium are fleshy, deep bass, dry sound image is fine, very fine. The sounds are very oriented rock the bass is well restored with generous low round, impressive, I have so far found no equal in terms of restitution in the register. And what about after a while listening ...

After about an hour listening to the Marantz wins in timbre and sharpening the details of the songs are put forward, the tones are connected is simply sublime. The sound is like a special little "extra" was grafted to the music ... 25 watt?! But what about the amps that are commercially available today?

The first test (6 hours of listening ...) I find the conclusion is excellent quality amazing tones tickling and dementia.

# Output frequency: 20 Hz to 20 kHz

# THD 0.3%

# 25 Watts per channel at 4 ohms

# Load Impedance: 4-8 ohms

# Power: AC 230 V

# Weight: 15 Kg