Naim Supernait 2
Naim Supernait 2

Supernait 2, Hi-Fi Amplifier from Naim.

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Pucelle_Dabidjan 09/05/2014

Naim Supernait 2 : Pucelle_Dabidjan's user review

«  Disappointment, disappointment ... I am disappointed! »

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Naim is a small English box known in the world of hifi. It has strong fans and shows a relatively long way since its inception.

Strangely, I'm not going to invest much time in this opinion. To be honest, I had almost forgotten have tested this amp so he left me an impression whatsoever.

The amp develops under 80w 8ohms, 130 under 4ohms, and no power is announced for 2ohms. Naim is the box "world champion" in terms of the occult figures when they are shit, we can easily assume that the equipment is not even going down into these amps.

The design is really very typical Naim with a mug we love where hate it. In my case I hate. The craft is, as always, with din connectors used with any manufacturer except Naim and obsolete at least since the 60s; and if you can connect your devices and serious property built cinch. But do not look for the XLR. It's just a format studio and pro gear, Nairne is over it and found good not to include such pagan connections with his gear. "Should not either you buy something other than Naim what!"

As always with this manufacturer, it is possible to add him full of small boxes to compensate for the technical design of chiardé base of the machine, and how, perhaps, sound properly.

For our test, we had it plugged into a SUPERNAIT ProAc D18 and D30, it was powered by a Naim CD5 SI. All connected through Naim cables.

-------- --------- Sounds
Overall, the amp is disappointing in its sound, packing everything you send him into a kind of slimy and sticky polyester fiber which pollutes all its bottom to the top. On a good speaker, one immediately feels the violent back in sound quality. The dynamic becomes flatter, the soundstage is reduced and the accuracy of the stamps is altered ... worse, it's getting a little Tauler by his brother Naim XS2 while SUPERNAIT should be above the range.

Some will love this disgusting sound, I recommend making a big detour around this amp.

I already had a bad discovery with his brother MK1, MK2 but confirmed my opinion on this amp. It's a drag. Avoid it.