Phase Linear 700b

700b, Hi-Fi Amplifier from Phase Linear.

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Phase Linear 700b : Anonymous 's user review


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I have a Phase Linear 700b in recent years.
It is an amplifier 1974.
Simple electronics that has a great fishing of 2 x 345 WRMS into 8 ohms.
He does not charge less than 8 ohms.
It is not equipped with protective dc and this is its biggest flaw.
Today, this amplifier is a collector's item.
After 35 years of service, to replace him falu filtering capacitors 2 x 10000uF.
Over time the meters are now soft, but what mouth, for me, the most beautiful of all the linear phase.
Material of this quality does not exist anymore today.
I set this field test old timer next to another great American brand that is currently built at low prices.
Result, this new electronic full watts -> on the ass!
As said in Brussels, it's brol next to the old phase.
Normal, in 1974, out 700 watts, a transformer 1KVA was necessary.
How an amp can this developed more watts than it absorbs?
Council, before buying an amp, read its input power!
I would put 11/10.
Quality remains, at a price it at the time, this amp cost the price of a small car.
Parts become hard to find, but the damage evolution that wants it.
To listen to the speakers of qualities, like JBL or Altec, at the time of course!