AKG K 1000
AKG K 1000

K 1000, HiFi/audiophile headphone from AKG.

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moosers 06/21/2009

AKG K 1000 : moosers's user review

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The AKG K 1000s are a set of studio headphones that are extremely high quality and just as rare as any set of headphones out there.  The headphones have an extremely unique shape and a crystal clear sound quality that is hard to match.  Since these are no longer made and are very rare, they are extremely hard to find and are quite expensive because of it.  They have quite a unique shape and look unlike any other set of headphones that I've ever seen.  They aren't the most comfortable headphones because of this unique shape and sometimes sound does seem to leak out because they don't fit perfectly on your head, but this isn't that big of a deal to me because the sound quality makes up for.  You also need to power these headphones with a power amplifier which is strange because most headphones don't require this but I guess the speakers in the headphones are so powerful that it needs external power.  AKG has a great line of headphones, and the K 1000s are really some of their best and are some of the best overall that I've ever used.  If you are looking for an absolute high end set of headphones, the AKG K 1000s will give you that if you can find them, which is no easy task at all.  However, unless you are a professional I wouldn't recommend seeking these out because at this point they are somewhat of a collector's item and you can find good headphones for cheaper and easier.  This being said, it is hard to match what AKG has to offer with the K 1000s and because of this it is hard to find anything that comes close to sounding as good, but unless you are looking for a pair of headphones to mix on, I would recommend picking up a different pair.  All in all, the AKG K 1000s are a classic set of headphones that will probably never be matched in design and quality.