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-LuG- 10/01/2014

AKG K77 : -LuG-'s user review

«  An ugly but really good helmet »

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I use it for two years. I do not know exactly how much I paid (44 euros I think, either in all cases), but I remember that for the price, it had surprised me. I could test models from Sony or Marshall, supposedly made for the studio, but the starting price was too high. AKG made the entry level really good, solid, quality product, a choice!

It advised me, a lover of Dub, for its neutrality in sound when working on software or on a console.

I write first, and I listen too. I like the fact that it is semi-open, which allows me to spend hours with out having an earache afterwards it feels to listen to music from one speaker, on that they are very AKG.

Even with its low, the subtleties of sound is perceived, it's not like headphones nags who pretend to be done for the studio but that swing low, and are completely closed.

For an entry-level good brand is really great in addition there is a big sticker that comes with louse the fart on your PC ...

I dropped a lot of times, even though I had promised myself to pay attention, and it holds.
In fact it's almost strange, it looks like it repairs itself. Once I threw sound super strong, and the right earphone has started to sizzle. It was fixed within the hour, it's been two years that I have and I re-ferrais this choice with his eyes closed. It does not take a ride!

Of course it is not nice, I do not date in town, unless I use it as a scarf, but at least it's solid. It is not adjustable either, but I guess it fits all sizes

The cable is three meters long, I can limit wandering around my room while keeping the ears without worrying about connectivity (to tweak on my synths or effects which is handy). It comes with a converter to catch Jack 3.5.

Everything is there, the stereo is niquel, so it is a semi-closed suddenly you are not completely isolated, but no migraine coming out of the session, and that's great.
A total respect of his ear, sound quality really good.