Focal Spirit One
Focal Spirit One

Spirit One, HiFi/audiophile headphone from Focal in the Spirit series.

sebga 12/22/2013

Focal Spirit One : sebga's user review

«  For those who do not count their money »

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Over 1 year now

AKG / Sony / Sennheiser / Beyerdynamic

What I love the most .... er .... perhaps we did change 3 times and it deserves to be still .... Oh yes, I also love myself realized that my monitor speakers I should not buy the home.

What I like least ... surely Focal consideration to these customers

If I would do this choice? Ahahahahaa certainly NOT me who concidérait Focal as a luxury brand of audio, what an idiot I was.

Nomadic use intensive project but remained too fragile so casual because sometimes at home and
Very hot like winter
reggae / funk / blues / metal / bossa / electro / jazz / afrobeat / All music ...

very fragile and if you have a big head I can not imagine, I think the headphone does not surporterait

detachable connectors and comprehensive

Very very effective passive isolation

very good audio quality