Sennheiser HD 477
Sennheiser HD 477

HD 477, HiFi/audiophile headphone from Sennheiser in the HD series.

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Yannou le Jacky 03/22/2004

Sennheiser HD 477 : Yannou le Jacky's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I have this headset to replace a HD490 (which is the successor).

The sound is very clear in the high and quite prcis, we can discern many details sound. The sound is not tiring and it is possible to support the headset several hours without feeling tired (do not all the same, prvoir pauses). The rponse is quite linear, even if it can dplorer a slight lack of bass.

Comfort level I find that the foam is not thick enough and the plastic grids m'appuyent the headphone over the ears and hurt me. The HD490 did not have that porbleme since the foam covering the surface of the speaker and pressed his ear (unlike this one around the ear).

The only downside of these headphones rel is its fragility. The wire is Detachable microphone with jack to avoid damaging the headphones when walking on the wire, but when "dbranchages" too violent movement began taking incoming vibration with absses frerquences too a decision. This is also the same lack of which forced me 490 me Sparer (back guarantee replaced by this one). Similarly it will prfrable to prevent low frequencies very high volume which brings up the vibrationos dsagrables.

This headphone is a good product, good value quality price.