Sennheiser HD 500
Sennheiser HD 500

HD 500, HiFi/audiophile headphone from Sennheiser in the HD series.

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alyex 10/15/2005

Sennheiser HD 500 : alyex's user review


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Comments ngatifs EXAGRES I think are the product of a snowball effect: one person says it is an "infamous shit" and the other not to appear ridiculous saying the same thing ... pff ...

I possde this headphone for several years and I am very happy. I really do not see how one can find the infamous headphone if you have at least an ear for music. Certe everyone's tastes and expectations of a headphone but not a headphone because I do not agree that I will say it's crap.

Ergonomics standard, the headphone and very flexible, it can Todra in all directions and make him fall to the ground without risk of breakage. This raises of course the ears, and rule well. The biggest highlight of this headset is comfort. It is very light, the pads are very comfortable, but they might have were better in a material other than the faux leather in a few years and deteriorates quite faded. It may be kept for hours without any pressure on the ears, I fell asleep for hundreds of nights with the headphones on. The 3m cable is very apreciation but against some there is a tendency to overwrite several years but I did once chang (8).

Its level, the bass is deep (can be a bit too much for some), the mediums and treble are pretty without being made exeptional but with good settings on your amp or your sound card software can be obtained balanced sound especially by adding back some sense of space because it lacks a bit. Overall this is a good compromise for music and DVDs even if it is certainly better. For games, however this is not a very good choice.

For those who want good sound for cheap, a good choice and those who think they have better sound with headphones 15 no longer has to buy the ears!