Sennheiser HD 520-II
Sennheiser HD 520-II

HD 520-II, HiFi/audiophile headphone from Sennheiser in the HD series.

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nan3200 10/23/2014

Sennheiser HD 520-II : nan3200's user review

«  not old but damn! »

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no question of looking at all costs, but more headphone for friends visiting or change her quickly, and provided not find cheap, it's an interesting model!

I have attached a picture of the headphone 'restored', cable and new foams, shells glued together (missing a piece, it shows, but nothing serious).

An older not so common, normal after nearly thirty years.
it is comfortable, lightweight, not ugly, if you like the aesthetics of those years.

moss earrings are still available from dealers, cable too.
but it is almost double the price.
it may be worth it if you paid a fair price (like me, but not really more)

the HD520 II is pretty solid.
the sound does not seem to have deteriorated over time.
this is stunning.
after restoration, cleaning (all for a fifty euros) it is very good.
accurate sound, very clear.
the stereo is not wide, wide, but the whole is pleasant;
not heavy bass, a rather wise medium, a sharp line that high without being too aggressive.
this headphone is showing its age and the sound is not nearly as full as current productions, but still pleasant to listen to.
its accuracy and its clear the save from breakage!

it is an open headphone, so no insulation to the outside.
I changed the foam inside the atrium, for a very fine felt. the original had a foam and felt.
the sound is a little more airy, it's a detail but it was worth it.