Sony MDR-CD380
Sony MDR-CD380

MDR-CD380, HiFi/audiophile headphone from Sony in the MDR series.

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VE 03/06/2004

Sony MDR-CD380 : VE's user review


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I possde this headset for over a year. Usually I'm like "draw" the hardware ... (my MD silent death after a year and a half, the headphones, it is the-least once a year my string is almost the same thing to finally say ,...) All of this headphone is really solid.
It should be sincre, considering the price of the headphone, do not expect one's "non-standard" but the price reflects all the same although the acoustic qualities of it.
It is relatively compact (not a small DJ headphones) but its size reflects a comfort when the MDR-CD380 on the head. Trs is simple: my old headphone, I felt it shake my head in the same rglant, and it's not as if n'tait l!
The report quality-price is quite INTERESTED since the sound is "good" and that it is solid (and quite nice).
Finally, I'm not sure I Rasht when he has the same concerns ... Why? Considering the price, there are other models of Sony (and Technics ...) which should be as well.
To note, I just prcise that I am capable enough "STRID", which means it's good, really good.