supermario 10/13/2005

Vic Firth SIH1 : supermario's user review


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Excellent headphone cuts the user of the outside world: now you can send the playback sound in his ear muffs! And to record it the ultimate trs ^ ^ It means well, but not what happens in the piece (almost!).

For home studio: Royal! It can swing a click track and a background in the ears without a mic will not pick up anything from the headset! A guitar amp background (for example) no longer covers what it means to the headphone! No more recording head made of!

For then the drummers is the ultimate happiness: In game you can exploded cymbals and snare without realizing it, much as in recording. Everything is possible without sacrificing hearing. Also the sound pressure of the battery cover never playback in the headphone: It's all good, all beautifully s'quilibre ^ ^ And Hop! we can do without it!

CAUTION: The transmission to the ears what he sends, but without the lace! And yes the cost is not exactly linear nor even any APRS trs good but he is asked just to balance the sound, not excellent sound quality. In short OUT TO ANY QUESTION OR MIX WITH MONITORING!!

The SIH1 rsout many worries recording is a beautiful Russianness.
A must for rock musicians.