Bose 205
Bose 205

205, Hi-Fi Speaker from Bose.

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w@wy 09/29/2006

Bose 205 : w@wy's user review


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I use these speakers for almost 12 years (if I remember correctly, but I think it was my gift from my 18 years Anniversary) ...

Likes: The original look, rendering mediums.
The ease with which these speakers blend with the rest of HIFI equipment. This is the perfect complement to a good pair of columns, I see them against evil only ensure their office ...

At the time I paid for these speakers momman 1500 the pair F (230 €), the least we can say is they did get me the profit!

I have tried successively on my amp marantz PM-53 with a pair of Jamo studio 110 and a pair of Celestion Ditton 551, and each time, they bring an undeniable richness to its product (although inexplicably, only it will be less efficient than the speakers with which they are associated ...)

Simply put:
Ditton 551 + Bose 205> Ditton 551 + Jamo Studio 110
Jamo Studio 110 + Bose 205> Ditton 551 + Jamo Studio 110

but only pair of speakers:
Bose 205 <jamo studio 110 <551 Ditton

After these are just my tastes (very subjective also) ...