Davis Acoustics Matisse
Davis Acoustics Matisse

Matisse, Hi-Fi Speaker from Davis Acoustics.

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srabgwen 03/25/2008

Davis Acoustics Matisse : srabgwen's user review


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I did purchase this pair of speaker last weekend APRS have tried several in the showroom.

I did some tests with a Nad C325 Nad C525 BEE BEE + one on the following speakers:
- Davis Acoustics Matisse
- Mosscade 507
- JBL Northridge E100
- Triangle Khaly
- B & W 684

It did not take me long DCID trs. I had a time rflexion between the Triangle and Matisse but in the end, I prfr the Matisses.

I found these speakers, the bass dbordaient much less on the treble / midrange. The bass is trs firm, crisp and prcises and are not invasive and acute dbordantes.Les are not "screaming", the mdium are "soft". Rpartition good spatial and good balance Treble / Mid / Low. Stereo Trs good image.

She has a real dynamic, are full of EHJV! I have not done tests with other Amp / CD Player Nad but with the association, in the same price range of course, for me there is no picture! If c'tait again, I would do it again! These are really amazing pregnant!

In addition, they finer than the others and take less space.