Davis Acoustics VINCI

VINCI, Hi-Fi Speaker from Davis Acoustics.

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simoulin 02/20/2009

Davis Acoustics VINCI : simoulin's user review


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I just acqurir these wonderful speakers. I had vaguely heard of this manufacturer is generous and going in an auditorium that I cost for the first time that Matisse's me right now especially in terms of pl dynamics and precision bass (not to mention the design very pleasing the eye, especially in black lacquer. Then I come across an offer for their very allchante big sisters, Vinci, who finally convinced me on the quality of the brand. My speakers are still running but overall I am very satisfied. Configuration with Philips player and NAD C350 amp (2 good models). Styles: jazz, funk, soul, blues, Latin, classical.

February 20, 2009>> APRS one year of use, I'm still happy with my purchase. THE PERIOD running has a hard months. Highs are more aggressive but specific on and balance. For those who want to know more about da Vinci, an article appeared in premium audio video. Conclusion of the article "we liked the quality of the medium rather, respect for stamps, the seat of the serious, the quality of fabrication, finishing. We would liked a bit more impact in low ". I agree on the whole, however, the impact is low enough volume lev my opinion and nothing moves thanks to a very solid frame. APRS is a matter of taste. I like it when it's right, precise, balanced ... HI-FI what. Because for the effects, I have my Paul Reed Smith! So I Relva my grade 10/10.